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The most effective fuel system cleaner you can buy

FUEL SYSTEM RESTORER is a new technologically advanced formulation designed to provide rapid one treatment clean-up of the entire fuel system.

TRIPLE-ACTION polymer amine cleaning agents remove the toughest gum, varnish and carbon deposits throughout the entire fuel system:

  • Cleans Fuel Line & Fuel Injectors
  • Cleans Intake Valves & Intake Manifold
  • Cleans Pistons & Cylinder Head
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Restores fuel injector spray pattern and fuel / air mixture fluid dynamics to optimize the combustion process and provide noticeable improvements:

  • Better throttle response
  • Faster, more powerful acceleration
  • Smoother idle and operation
  • Cleaner exhaust emissions
  • Better fuel mileage
  • More engine power
  • Improved driving performance.

Fuel System Restorer protects against fuel system corrosion and is safe and effective in all gasoline engines. Will not harm sensors or catalytic converters.

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