Upper Cylinder Lubricant + Ethanol Treatment
Ultimate 5 in 1 Formula

Today's ethanol blend gasoline such as E10 or E15 can cause problems within the fuel system. Ethanol blended gasoline allows more water to be absorbed into the gasoline through ambient condensation and eventually separate out as a different phase consisting of only ethanol and water. This small amount of ethanol / water mixture contained in the phase separation will sink to the bottom of the fuel tank and cause problems such as increased corrosion and gum formation due to oxidation. In addition, when ethanol is burned in the combustion chambers it tends to reduce the lubricity of the fuel necessary for upper cylinder lubrication.

RESTORE Upper Cylinder Lubricant + Ethanol Treatment is a multi-function fuel additive which is specifically designed for use in E10, E15 and E85 blend gasoline. It contains an upper cylinder lubricant to improve fuel lubricity during combustion in addition to highly effective detergents that keep the entire fuel system free of gum, varnish, and carbon deposits. It also provides protection against ethanol / water corrosion as well as fuel stabilizers which inhibit oxidation to prevent fuel degradation and formation of gum deposits within the fuel system.

This total system fuel additive contains everything your fuel system needs for optimum performance. It is effective in all gasoline engines with either fuel injection or carburetor. Safe for the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors. One 6 oz bottle treats up to 25 gallons of gasoline. Use at every fill-up for continuous fuel system cleaning, lubrication and protection.

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